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Before you start

You need to know:

  • Whether your property is serviced by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) or the Country Fire Authority (CFA).
  • The financial year for which you want to calculate the levy.
  • Your property classification code (shown on your rate notice).
  • Your capital improved value (shown on your rate notice).

This calculator includes the concession, if it applies, but does not include the single farming enterprise exemption.

Calculate your levy


Different rates apply, depending on whether your area is serviced by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade or the Country Fire Authority..

Check your location

Property use classification

This describes the primary use of your land and each classification has its own rate. There are six property classifications:

  1. residential (including residential vacant land),
  2. commercial,
  3. industrial (also includes infrastructure and extractive properties),
  4. primary production,
  5. public benefit, and
  6. vacant (excluding residential vacant land).

The land use classification for your property is on your rate notice (or the levy assessment notice issued to non-rateable property owners).

Capital improved value

The capital improved value is the value of your land, buildings and any other capital improvements made to the property. It is determined by the general valuation process and displayed on your council rate notice.

Calculate your levy