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Once you have lodged your e-annual return (e-AR), you can make changes up until the following May by lodging a replacement e-AR via PTX Express.

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Edit your e-AR

You can lodge a replacement e-AR by editing your existing e-AR.

  • Select the 'Annual Reconciliation' button in the navigation bar to access the e-AR page.
  • From here, select the 'Edit' link in the 'Actions' column of your relevant return.

The 'Employer Details' page contains your previously lodged content. To start changing this data, select the 'Next' button to take you to the section you want to alter.

Please note that changing data in certain sections may force you to review all subsequent sections.

For example, if in your initial return you indicated that you paid no FBT but in your updated return you indicate you paid FBT this will change your Victorian wages and your liability calculation. Therefore, you must review all sections from 'Victorian Wages' onwards.


Lodge your e-AR

Once you have made changes, you must navigate to the 'Lodgement' page and select the 'Lodge' button.

This will send a replacement return to us. The relevant year’s e-AR page will then show that the replacement return has been lodged and provide its lodgement number.

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Next steps

Replacements for other financial years

If you wish to make changes for other financial years, you must write to us explaining why and include the amended wage details.