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Our preferred payment option is via PTX Express.

Pay online with PTX Express

This is the quickest and simplest way to pay.

Before lodging your annual reconciliation (e-AR), it's important to register your nominated bank account details and authorise your liability to be debited from this account.

Once you have lodged your annual reconciliation in PTX Express, an online payment option becomes available.

Follow the prompts to navigate back to the PTX Express homepage, select to update your online payment account details. You will then be prompted to update your online payment authorisation details.

A payment receipt will then be displayed on screen.

EFT, BPAY or credit card

Once you have lodged your annual reconciliation via PTX Express, you will see the payment details for each option.

Alternatively, navigate back to the relevant year’s e-AR page and select to pay via the 'Actions' column.

From there, select the link for other payment options, which is located on the 'Liability Payment' page.

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Last modified: 12 March 2024

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