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Our role is to administer various state taxes, levies and grants for the Victorian Government in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Sometimes, we need to clarify how we interpret a particular law so there is consistency in our decisions for customers. We may do this by issuing a revenue ruling. This is a public ruling that:

  • Represents our interpretation of a particular provision,
  • Explains our current policies, guidelines and practices,
  • Answers complex, commonly asked questions

Archived rulings Draft rulings

Ref ID Title Issue Date Related Categories
DA-034v2 Trading stock, demonstrator vehicle, service demonstrator vehicle exemptions 13/12/2019
DA-051 Transfer of dutiable property from a deceased estate 01/03/2010
DA-030 Transfer of dutiable property solely because of a change in trustee 01/08/2004
DA-014 Transfer of dutiable property under a voluntary winding-up 01/01/2002
DA-010 Transferee's improvements in transfer of land valuations 01/10/2001
DA-029 Transfers of land and business 01/08/2004
DA-060 Valuation of land holdings (landholder provisions) 01/07/2012
PTA-010 Wages subsidies 01/08/2007
PTA-014 What constitutes a day's work for a contractor? 01/08/2007
PTA-015 Workers compensation payments 01/12/2007
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