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Starting a SmartForm

  • The Explanatory Notes section on a SmartForm’s webpage explains key terms and other information to help you complete the form.
  • The first page outlines what the form is for, who should complete it and how it is lodged.
  • The Complete Form button (1) launches a new SmartForm, while the Open Saved Form button (2) lets you resume a form you’ve already started.

    Figure 1 and 2. Showing the 'complete form' and 'open saved form' buttons.

Navigating a SmartForm

  • Use the Previous and Next buttons (3) to navigate through a SmartForm in page order or use the Screen Tabs (4) to jump between pages.

    Figure 3, showing the 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons

    Figure 4, showing the page tabs
  • Don’t use the Back, Forward or Refresh buttons on your internet browser as you may lose the data you’ve already entered.

Saving a SmartForm

  • SmartForms don’t save automatically. The Save For Later (5) button lets you save your form to complete later.

    Figure 5, showing the 'Save for later' button
  • Record your tracking code (6) as you need it to access your saved SmartForm. This code is unique to each application and is not recorded by the State Revenue Office.

    Figure 6, showing the tracking code
  • Saved SmartForms are retained for three days unless otherwise specified on the SmartForm. If you don’t complete and submit the form within these time periods, you will need to start again. 

Submitting your SmartForm

  • Some SmartForms and attachments can be lodged online, others need to be printed, signed and submitted by email or post. Lodgement requirements for each SmartForm are outlined on its first and last pages.
  • In order for your application to be processed, SmartForms and supporting documents must be lodged together.
  • Some SmartForms submitted online require supporting documents to be attached. These files can be attached after you’ve completed the form and selected Submit.