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Gaming venue operators must lodge annual returns and pay all unclaimed prizes and winnings from gaming machines.

Payments must be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT).


Create a register by 31 March each year

By 31 March each year, operators must:
  • Create a register of all unclaimed gaming machine winnings and jackpot prizes, and
  • Enter the details of all unclaimed tickets that are at least 12 months old as of 1 March of the current year

The register must be a CSV or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which includes the venue name and venue ID, and these column headings:

  • Ticket number
  • Ticket issue date
  • Ticket expiry date
  • Gaming machine serial number
  • Ticket amount
  • Reasonable expenses amount
  • Net amount

These details must be completed for each of the individual unclaimed tickets. If reasonable expenses are deducted, they must be allocated against each of the individual unclaimed ticket records. Please use our venue operator template.

Download the template


Lodge and pay by 31 May

By 31 May each year, gaming venue operators must:

  • Complete the online compliance statement,
  • Attach the register of all unclaimed money held as at 1 March of that year to the statement (instructions on how to do this are in the statement),
  • Submit the online compliance statement with the register attached (you will receive a submission reference number and can download an online lodgement receipt), and
  • Pay the net amount of all unclaimed money (total of ticket amounts less reasonable expenses) held on 1 March

Payment must be made by EFT, with EFT details provided on the submission receipt. Include the submission reference number and the venue name in the payment description. 

Once the EFT payment is complete, email the submission reference number or lodgement receipt, payment details and the venue name to

This is important as it enables us to match your payment and lodgement.

Next steps

Gaming venue operators must keep records to confirm the information on the register for at least five years after the lodgement date. Copies of the documents must be made available for inspection on request.

We have the authority to issue an assessment where a gaming venue operator fails to pay unclaimed money. Failure to lodge and make payment on time can also result in interest and penalties.