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We offer a variety of ways to pay vacant residential land tax  by credit card, BPAY and by instalments through AutoPay. There are also options available for paying overdue assessments. This page provides more information on each payment method.

  1. Gather your assessment notice

    Please have your assessment notice handy as it contains important information you need to pay your bill.

  2. Submit your payment

    Credit card

    A card payment fee of 0.45% applies to all credit card transactions.

    To pay by credit card you need:

    • a current Visa or Mastercard
    • your customer number and reference number, which appear on your assessment see example below.

    When you select the ‘Pay by credit card’ button below, you will be transferred to a payment page. Select ‘Land tax’ from the ‘Revenue line’ drop down menu.

    Pay by credit card

    Example VRLT assessment - card payment


    ​Pay directly from your cheque or savings account using your financial institution's internet or telephone service.

    To pay by BPAY you need:

    • the State Revenue Office biller code
    • your BPAY reference ('Ref:') number directly beneath the biller code.

    Both numbers appear on your assessment at the bottom of the BPAY panel.

    For more information about using BPAY, please contact your financial institution.

    Example VRLT assessment - BPAY payment

  3. Pay by instalments

    To pay by instalments, you need to create a payment plan via AutoPay by the date listed on your vacant residential land tax assessment notice. You can set up these instalments over a maximum 17-week period from the issue date on your assessment. 


    Example VRLT assessment - pay by instalments

    Payments can be scheduled:

    • fortnightly
    • monthly, or
    • in four equal instalments.

    The minimum instalment you can pay is $20.

    Instalments can be paid via:

    • direct debit from your bank account
    • Visa debit or credit card, or
    • Mastercard.

    A card payment fee of 0.45% applies to all credit card transactions.

    This service is available daily between 2 am and 10 pm (AEST/AEDT).

    Create a payment plan using AutoPay

    Terms and conditions of AutoPay

  4. Payment plans for overdue amounts

    If you want to pay an overdue assessment you can arrange a payment plan of up to 12 months by completing an online application.

    Payment plan application

Last modified: 8 May 2024

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