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This video explains how to retrieve and claim a State Revenue Office (SRO) assessed (complex) transaction in the enhanced Duties Online system.


The Duties Online data entry process has now been streamlined to make it even easier to assess your land transfers.

In this video, I’ll show you how to retrieve and claim a lodgement for an SRO assessed transaction (also known as a ‘complex’ transaction).

To start, hover over ‘Create’, then select ‘Retrieve and Claim ELNO Lodgement (Electronic Lodgement)'.

Enter your ELNO lodgement Case ID and SRO Case Reference numbers. These can be found in your ELNO workspace. Select 'Retrieve', and select ‘Claim’.

Now we need to enter our Duties Form ID, and select ‘Link’.

The information from the linked ELNO lodgement and the Digital Duties Form tells the system that this is a complex SRO assessed transaction. This means you need to load all supporting documents and then submit the lodgement to the SRO for manual processing.

The lodgement category will be displayed based on the data entered into the Digital Duties Form.

If you need  to make any amendments to the lodgement, select ‘Unclaim lodgement’ to cancel the ELNO lodgement in Duties Online. If you need to make changes to the Digital Duties Form, select ‘Unlink form’.

Scroll down to upload supporting documents.

Select ‘Add Documents’, find the document on your computer and select 'Open'.

Then we need to choose the document type. The document types in this list are determined by the lodgement category. All compulsory documents are shown as ‘mandatory’ in the list.

Make sure you select ‘Upload’ to save each document. If you upload a document incorrectly, you can remove it here on the right hand side. Repeat this process to upload all of your documents

When you’re ready, select ‘Next’.

Review the lodgement details and select ‘Submit’ to initiate lodgement to the SRO.

You’ll receive a pop-up message prompting you to check that all required documents have been attached. If one or more of the required documents are not provided at this time, duty assessment may be delayed and you may need to set a new settlement date.

You will need to nominate a settlement date in your ELNO workspace before the SRO can start assessing the duty.

Because your transaction requires manual calculation by the SRO, please allow up to 30 days for duty to be calculated.

Once the SRO has assessed your transaction you will receive an email and a notification in Duties Online. To view the notification details, select ‘Lodgements that are ready to certify’ in the notification panel.

Then select the hyperlink ‘Assessed lodgements’.

To certify your lodgement, select the checkbox to the left of your lodgement ID, then select ‘Certify selected’.

The duty verification for your transaction is now complete and Duties Online will display the transaction as ‘Certified’. You can then proceed with settlement in your ELNO workspace.

That brings us to the end of the demonstration. Thanks for watching.

Last modified: 20 November 2023
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