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This video contains information about trusts may be affected by land tax.


Land held on trust is assessed at a higher surcharge rate of tax, so it’s important that we are notified when property is held on trust. The correct form is a ‘notice of trust acquisition of an interest in land’.

Trustees of unit and fixed trusts can elect to notify the State Revenue Office of the unit holders or beneficial owners of that trust.  If this election is made, the trustee is assessed at the lower general rate of tax.

Land held by the trustee of a discretionary trust after 31 December 2005 is always subject to the surcharge rate.

Land tax can be reduced if a beneficiary lives in a property held on trust as their principal place of residence. Select the link on screen for more information about nominating a PPR beneficiary.

Detailed information about trusts, the forms you need to submit and the tax rates and thresholds can be accessed on our website.

Last modified: 15 April 2021
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