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Ref ID Title Issue Date Related Categories
archive-DA-034 Trading stock/demonstrator vehicle exemptions
archive-DA-035 Motor vehicle change of use provisions
archive-DA-047v2 Duty relief on the interposition of a unit trust between stapled security holders and the stapled entities
archive-DA-048 Duty concession for off-the-plan sales (land and building packages and refurbishments)
archive-DA-055 Obligations on making a relevant acquisition and duty calculation (landholder provisions)
archive-DA-055v2 Obligations on making a relevant acquisition and duty calculation (landholder provisions)
archive-DA-056 Acquisitions of interests in a landholder (landholder provisions)
archive-DA-060 Valuation of land holdings (landholder provisions)
archive-DA-063 Declared public unit trust schemes (landholder provisions)
archive-DA-064 Land transfer duty – meaning of land development
archive-GEN-006 Subpoenas and their costs in accessing SRO information
archive-LTA-003v2 Commissioner's guidelines on rooming house exemptions
archive-LTA-004 Land used exclusively for charitable purposes
archive-LTA-005 Charitable exemption and opportunity shops
archive-PTA-012 Exemption for maternity and adoption leave pay
archive-PTA-021 Exemption for contractors ordinarily rendering services to the public
archive-PTA-026v2 Declaration by exempt clients for employment agency contracts
archive-PTA-031 Commissioner’s discretion to exclude from a group
archive-PTA-036v4 Payroll tax - interest and penalty tax
archive-TAA-001 Personal cheques
archive-TAA-004v3 Objections lodged out of time
archive-TAA-004v4 Objections lodged out of time
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