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As the Victorian Government’s major tax collection agency, we are responsible for administering a range of state taxes, duties, grants and levies.

Our mission is to do so fairly, efficiently and for the benefit of all Victorians. This means ensuring everyone pays the correct amount of tax when it is due and that those receiving grants or rebates are entitled to them.

While most people are willing to do the right thing and meet their obligations, some people want to do this but don’t always succeed, while a minority consciously decide not to comply.

Our Compliance Strategy 2023-27

Our Customer Service Charter

Our approach to compliance

We achieve maximum compliance with Victorian taxation laws by:

  • Providing clear and effective information so that people can readily identify and understand their obligations. We do this via our website, subscriber emails, and our customer education programs.
  • Making it easy and less costly for people to comply, including by providing online calculators, decision tools, self-service options, and electronic payment options.
  • Using the latest forensic analytical tools, including data matching, to investigate, identify and target non-compliance.
  • Recovering unpaid taxes and imposing penalties reflective of culpability and the type of non-compliance (penalties usually start at 25% of the primary liability).


Each year, we conduct thousands of investigations and detect hundreds of millions of dollars in outstanding revenue, which we report in our Annual Review.

Investigations are started for a number of reasons, including in response to:

  • Routine checks,
  • Information received from a variety of sources,
  • Specific legislative issues,
  • Analysing customer and industry trends, and
  • Tip-offs.

We gather information from a wide range of sources and use data-matching to detect instances where individuals, trusts, organisations or companies are not complying with tax or grant obligations.

In addition, we share and compare data with a wide range of organisations, including the Australian Taxation Office, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, the Residential Tenancy Bond Authority, VicRoads, Home Affairs, AUSTRAC, Births Deaths and Marriages, the Victorian Electoral Commission, WorkSafe Victoria, utility companies, local councils, and revenue offices in other states and territories.

Voluntary disclosures and tip-offs

If you have not met all your obligations in relation to a tax or grant that we administer, you can make a voluntary disclosure. If you do this, you are treated more favourably than if we find out via one of our investigations.

We also operate a confidential tip-off program so people can report, anonymously if they wish, instances of non-compliance or suspected non-compliance.

Submit a voluntary disclosure or tip-off

Helping you get it right

To assist you in meeting your obligations, we have prepared specific information in relation to some of the taxes and grants we administer that outlines:

  • Our compliance activities,
  • Common errors to avoid, and
  • How to submit a voluntary disclosure or tip-off.


Last modified: 21 December 2023
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