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Sections: s32W

Lodgement category: Duties Online


Nomination of spouse, domestic partner or other relative of the first purchaser under the contract of sale, acting on the relatives own behalf.

Duties On Line users may only process transfers under this section where the transferee is a relative of the first purchaser. "Relative" is defined in s.3 of the Duties Act 2000.

  • Transferee(s) must be a natural person(s)
  • Purchaser(s) must be a natural person(s)


  1. SRO Duties Form 6A (Transactions treated as sub-sales of land statutory declaration)
  2. SRO Duties Form 1 or Duties Form 2 (Goods statement/statutory declaration), whichever is applicable
  3. Contracts of sale dated on or 1 October 2008 (either original or complete copies)
  4. All nomination forms, assignments, etc.
  5. Refer to Duties Form 6A checklist for all other requirements that may be applicable.