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Document last modified: 17 Aug 2017

This forms is used (by building surveyors) to notify the SRO of an application for a building permit on land within the GAIC area.


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Additional Information

1. General information about GAIC

1.1. The Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) is a contribution, on certain land in the growth areas of metropolitan Melbourne, imposed under Part 9B of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

1.2. The liability to pay the GAIC arises upon the first occurrence of a GAIC event, i.e. the issuing of a statement of compliance, the making of an application for a building permit in respect of substantive building works or a dutiable transaction relating to the land.

1.3. The GAIC is jointly administered by the SRO and the Growth Areas Authority (GAA).

2. Refusal of building permit

2.1. Under section 24(4) of the Building Act 1993, a building surveyor must not issue a building permit for the carrying out of building work on land in respect of which there is a GAIC recording, unless the applicant produces any of the following certificates issued by the Commissioner of State Revenue:

2.1.1. Certificate of Release

2.1.2. Certificate of Exemption

2.1.3 Certificate of Staged Payment Approval, or

2.1.4 Certificate of No GAIC Liability.