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This form is used by building surveyors to notify the State Revenue Office of an application for a building permit on land within the GAIC area.

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General information about GAIC​

  • The growth areas infrastructure contribution (GAIC) is a contribution on certain land in the growth areas of metropolitan Melbourne. It is imposed under Part 9B of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.
  • The liability to pay the GAIC arises upon the first occurrence of a GAIC event, that is, the issuing of a statement of compliance, the making of an application for a building permit in respect of substantive building works, or a dutiable transaction relating to the land.
  • The GAIC is jointly administered by the State Revenue Office and the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA).

Refusal of building permit

Under section 24(4) of the Building Act 1993, a building surveyor must not issue a building permit for building work on land in respect of which there is a GAIC recording unless the applicant produces any of these certificates issued by the Commissioner of State Revenue:

  • Certificate of Release
  • Certificate of Exemption
  • Certificate of Staged Payment Approval
  • Certificate of No GAIC Liability.
Last modified: 3 April 2024
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