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Ref ID Title Related Categories Date
Duties-Form-42 General insurer 's duty return 20/02/2013
FHOG-Form-02 First Home Owner Grant application form 23/04/2018
Duties-Form-07E First home owner exemption/concession declaration 05/10/2017
Duties-Form-13 Family farm exemption statutory declaration 03/10/2017
PTA-Form-03 Employment agency contracts declaration by exempt client 29/05/2017
PTA-Form-04 Employment agency contracts chain of on-hire declaration 29/05/2017
Duties-Form-61 Eligible first home buyers duty reduction/exemption or concession declaration 06/04/2018
Duties-Form-63 Duties Refund SmartForm 29/03/2019
LTX-Trust-15 Discretionary trust - Nomination of subsequent beneficiary 26/07/2017
LTX-Trust-18 Deceased estate - commencement or completion of administration 21/07/2017
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