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If you have received an overdue land tax notice, you can:

  1. Pay your overdue land tax in full immediately.
  2. Set up a payment plan using AutoPay, or call us on 13 21 61.
  3. Amend your assessment if the notice is incorrect.

What you should know about your overdue land tax debt:

If you fail to pay in full, we may:

  • apply late payment interest to your debt until full payment is received
  • refer your debt to a collection agency
  • place a statutory charge against any of the assessed properties
  • issue a default demand to the mortgagee of any of the assessed properties (your financial institution may charge you a fee for this service)
  • initiate legal action in the Magistrates’ Court or Supreme Court. Such action may adversely affect your credit rating. 
Last modified: 12 October 2023
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