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Commercial passenger vehicle service levy relief

The Victorian Government has waived the commercial passenger vehicle service levy for the 1 April 2020 to 30 June 2020 quarter as part of its coronavirus relief support measures.

You must still lodge a return for the 1 April-30 June 2020 quarter but you do not have to pay the levy for that quarter. If you have already lodged and paid your levy for the quarter, we will be contacting you separately with information about your levy refund.

There has been no relief announced in relation to any other quarter and you must continue to lodge your return each quarter and pay the levy.

Lodge and pay your return

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  • Taxi and hire car services, including ride share, must submit a quarterly return and pay the commercial passenger vehicle service levy via our online portal.
  • Quarterly returns must be lodged and paid within 30 days of the end of each quarter, that is 30 days after each of these dates: 30 September (lodge by 30 October), 31 December (lodge by 30 January), 31 March (lodge by 30 April), and 30 June (lodge by 30 July).
  • You must submit a return even if you haven’t completed any trips for the quarter. You can do this by reporting zero trips. 
  • If you haven’t already registered your business with us, you must do so before you can access the online portal.
  1. Gather supporting information

    To complete a quarterly return, you need:

    • the total number of trips you are liable to pay the levy for
    • your credit card or bank account details (depending on your preferred payment method).

    If your business offers more than one type of service, you must complete a separate return for each. For example, if you run a booking service and a rank and hail service, you must complete 2 returns.

    You must lodge a return and pay the levy within 30 days of the end of each quarter, that is within 30 days of each of the following dates: 30 September, 31 December, 31 March and 30 June.

    Lodging returns on behalf of other services

    If you run a service that lodges returns and pays the levy on behalf of others commercial passenger vehicle services, you need to:

    • Complete a CSV file with the details of the drivers you are lodging a return on behalf of, including their:
      • name
      • driver accreditation number (DC number)
      • ABN, and
      • the number of trips they provided.
    • Report on your overall trips.
    • Upload your completed CSV file into the portal as part of your quarterly return.

    Download CSV template

  2. Log in

    To log in to the online portal, you need:

    • the customer number assigned to you when you registered with us, and
    • the password you created as part of your registration process.

    If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it.

    Log in to the online portal

  3. Lodge return and pay levy

    When you log in to the online portal, you will see any outstanding returns. Select ‘lodge return’, enter the required information and select ‘submit’.

    You will then be directed to a payment page where you can pay the total levy via credit card or direct debit.

    Select ‘pay’ to complete the process.

    Terms and conditions of our online services

Next Steps

Once you have made a payment, you will receive confirmation of your payment onscreen and in an email.

If you wish to alter a completed return, you can go to the ‘lodgement history’ section of the portal, select the relevant quarter and select ‘edit’.

You will receive an email letting you know when your next quarterly return is ready for completion.

Last modified: 5 December 2023

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