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What is the purpose of this form?

You use this form to lodge an objection to your assessment(s) or certain written decisions made by the SRO. These include written decisions made under the Payroll Tax, First Home Owner Grant, Unclaimed Money and Back to Work Acts.

An objection is a formal avenue of dispute resolution requiring you to explain fully and in detail the grounds of your objection.

This GEN-Form-04 should be used to lodge a formal objection challenging the legal basis of an assessment, reassessment or written decision by the Commissioner of State Revenue.  

If you want to object to the site value in your land tax assessment or the capital improved value in your vacant residential land tax assessment, you must lodge a land valuation objection.

Are there any restrictions on lodging an objection?

You must lodge your objection within 60 days of receiving the notice of assessment or written decision. For First Home Owner Grant or Back to Work matters, you must lodge your objection within 60 days of the date of the decision. In some instances an objection may be accepted out of time.

If you have received a reassessment, you can only object to liabilities that are additional to or greater than those under the previous assessment or reassessment.

You cannot lodge an objection to a compromise assessment or compromise reassessment.

Who can complete this form?

A customer or their authorised representative can complete this form.

How do you lodge this form?

You complete and lodge this form online. Through this form, you can also upload any supporting documents. Once you have entered all relevant and mandatory information, you can submit and save a copy of your form. The information you provide will be electronically forwarded to the SRO.

Before you start, please review our SmartForm tips to help you complete this form.

Updates and changes to your land tax assessment

Sometimes, your land tax or vacant residential land tax assessment may need updating or changing because it contains incorrect or out of date information. This is not an objection and there are different processes for these updates or changes to land tax assessments and vacant residential land tax assessments.

Objection form

Remember, you must lodge a land valuation objection if you are objecting to the site or capital improved values on your land tax or vacant residential land tax assessments or reassessments.

Only use the Objection Form (GEN-Form-04 SmartForm) if you are formally challenging the legal basis of an assessment, reassessment or written decision. 

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Last modified: 6 February 2023
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