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Ref ID Title Related Categories Date
Duties-Form-06A Transactions treated as sub-sales of land statutory declaration 05/10/2017
Duties-Form-01 Goods statement for residential land 05/10/2017
Duties-Form-03 Real property value declaration 05/10/2017
Duties-Form-08F Pensioner exemption/concession declaration 03/10/2017
Duties Form 04A Off-the-plan sales - statutory declaration 03/10/2017
Duties-Form-12 Primary production and water entitlements (for all land types) statutory declaration 03/10/2017
Duties-Form-13 Family farm exemption statutory declaration 03/10/2017
Duties-Form-53D Principal place of residence (PPR) concession declaration 03/10/2017
Duties-Form-56 Young farmer exemption/concession claim form 03/10/2017
GEN-Form-04 Lodging an objection form 27/09/2017
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