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Published on 22 December 2020

The definition of a new home, which has been amended by the State Taxation Acts Amendment Act 2020, may affect your eligibility for the First Home Owner Grant and other duty concessions/exemptions. 

  • For contracts signed on or after 16 December 2020, a property will not be a new home if the person who built it lived in it, leased it out or used it for short-term accommodation even if it is the first sale. A new home can be a home that is substantially renovated or a home built to replace demolished premises.
  • For contracts signed before 16 December 2020, the previous definition of 'new home' applies.

We have updated our website, including the PDF version (December 2020) of the First Home Owner Grant Lodgement Guide, to reflect the new definition.

Last modified: 23 May 2024
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