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Coronavirus pandemic measures

During Victoria's declared State of Emergency in relation to the coronavirus pandemic, we are:

  • Waiving late payment interest on assessments issued during the declared State of Emergency.
  • Providing interest-free instalment plans.

To arrange a payment plan of up to 12 months, follow the instructions below and complete the online application SmartForm.

Late payment interest waiver ends on 31 December 2021

From 1 January 2022, any outstanding taxation debts that have not been paid or are not the subject of a payment arrangement will once again incur late payment interest calculated from the date of the tax default. To avoid paying late payment interest, please refer to our payment options

  1. Review your requirements

    The online SmartForm application provides details of the personal and financial information we require.

  2. Assemble supporting evidence

    If you are an individual, you must provide:

    • Evidence of salary.
    • Bank statements, including for mortgage accounts and credit cards.
    • Projection of your expected income and outlays.
    • Proof that your finance provider is unable to help you at this time.

    If you are a business or organisation, you must provide:

    • Bank statements.
    • Proof that your finance provider is unable to help you at this time.
    • Projection of your expected income and outlays.
    • Current profit and loss statements and balance sheets.

    Please refer to the application form for full instructions.

  3. Complete your application

    The application can be completed online via our SmartForm. Read our tips for completing SmartForms

    Start your payment plan application

    We use all the information in your application to update our records and may pass on changes to other government agencies where we are authorised to do so.

  4. Lodge your application

    The SmartForm is lodged online. When you have completed all relevant and mandatory information, select submit. 

Next Steps

We advise all applicants of the outcome of their application in writing.

Last modified: 16 September 2021

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