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The Back to Work Scheme provides employers with up to $11,000 for hiring and training eligible employees

Two categories are open within the Back to Work Scheme:

  • $15 million for employers of dairy industry workers and retrenched automotive workers in Victoria.
  • $6 million for employers of unemployed people living in the Latrobe Valley and retrenched workers from the Hazelwood Power Station.

How long are they open and how much can you claim?

You can claim:

  • $5000 per dairy industry worker employed,
  • $7000 per retrenched automotive worker employed.

This category remains open until the $15 million fund is fully subscribed or 30 June 2018 depending on which occurs first. 

You can claim:

  • $5000 per unemployed person living in the Latrobe Valley that you employ,
  • $5000 per retrenched Hazelwood Power Station worker employed.

This category remains open until the $6 million fund is fully subscribed or 30 June 2020 depending on which occurs first. 


  • Your employee needs to start work with you before 30 June 2018 (dairy industry and automotive workers) or 30 June 2020 (Latrobe Valley unemployed or retrenched Halzelwood Power Station workers) for you to receive the Back to Work payment. While you have nine months from the date of employment to lodge your claim, if the funding pool is exhausted before we receive your claim, it will not be paid.
  • Payments do not include GST.

An additional amount of up to $4000 is available to employers who provide accredited training to these eligible employees.

Second instalments

The second instalment payment is available to an eligible employer who received a first instalment payment for their eligible employee.

It is payable nine months from when the first instalment claim was lodged, provided the eligible employee has been continuously employed. 

Am I eligible?

All employers who hire an eligible employee into an ongoing full-time or part-time Victorian job are eligible, except for:

  • An employer with a poor workplace safety record,
  • A recent employer of the eligible employee, and
  • Municipal councils and other public, local or government bodies

Who is eligible? FAQs

Claim your payment

Claiming your payment is quick and easy for employers hiring an eligible employee into an ongoing full-time or part-time Victorian job.

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