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The State Revenue Office Annual Review 2022–23 is now available.

Our annual review outlines our activities, strategies and performance for the year, including our financial statements and key statistics about the revenue we administer.

This year’s review covers how we:

  • assessed $26.9 billion in revenue in 2022–23
  • prepared to implement 2 new revenue lines on 1 July 2023: windfall gains tax and casino tax
  • delivered high-quality customer service, responding to 242,967 phone calls, managing 47,826 emails and receiving a customer satisfaction level of 82%
  • provided expert advice on tax technical matters to customers through the delivery of 1,455 private rulings
  • helped thousands of Victorians buy or build their own home by managing a range of grants, waivers, exemptions and concessions, including $712.4 million in land transfer duty savings for first home buyers.

Read the State Revenue Office Annual Review 2022–23.

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