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Requesting an amendment is easy and takes just a few minutes. 

But before making your request to amend any errors or omissions, you should understand the difference between an amendment and an objection.

If you do not lodge your amendment request within 60 days of the issue date of your assessment, penalty tax may apply.

Please note: we do not adjust land tax assessments for property bought, sold or settled during an assessment year. Your solicitor or conveyancer can advise you about any land tax adjustments made on settlement.


Gather supporting evidence

Before you contact us, have your land tax assessment handy as this contains your customer number, assessment number and assessment year. You may also need the:

  • Date you moved into your home,
  • Certificate of occupancy issue date,
  • Property address,
  • Date of sale (settlement date),
  • Land ID, and
  • Lot, plan, volume and folio information

Identify your amendment type

We have two types of amendment, which we process differently.

Find which category applies to your amendment, then go to Step 3.

Type A

Type B

  • Do you own land that has not been included in your assessment?
  • Have you received an exemption for which you are not eligible?

Note: Learn more about the PPR, PPL, charitable institution, rooming house or other exemptions, and find out what supporting evidence you may need.


Request your amendment

If you have a Type A amendment, call us on 13 21 61 and we will handle your request quickly and efficiently over the phone.

If you have a more complex Type B amendment, complete our online form and submit it electronically. 

Next steps

We may contact you if we need additional information. We will write and tell you or your authorised representative the outcome of your request for amendment.

If, while you are waiting for our decision on your assessment amendment request, your land tax is due for payment in full or by instalment, you should pay that amount on time. If you do not pay the assessed tax on time, interest may accrue daily on the outstanding amount.

You may be able to pay a provisional amount, but you must contact us to discuss this. If we later amend your land tax assessment based on your request, we will refund any overpaid tax.