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Published on 03 July 2018

We have made significant improvements and updates to our SRO Mobile app, including adding four calculators for estimating pensioner land transfer duty, land tax, land tax for trusts, and motor vehicle duty.

These calculators are in addition to the existing land transfer duty calculator.

You can use these calculators to enter details specific to your situation, which will then be used to provide an estimate of the tax or duty you may have to pay, taking into account any applicable grants, exemptions or concessions. The new pensioner calculator also allows calculations for up to two transferees.

The SRO Mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play for Android devices and from the App Store for Apple devices.

The app also has a guide detailing the current and previous year’s tax, duty and levy rates and the amounts available under the grants we administer. This is updated each financial year.

Overall, the latest version of our app makes it even easier for you to use, enabling you to access more information, estimates and calculations anywhere, anytime, and at your convenience.

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