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Published on 16 June 2014

All SRO SmartForms will be offline from 5pm to midnight on Wednesday 4 June for a scheduled server upgrade by one of our suppliers.

During the outage, the following SmartForms will be not available or, if already partially completed, will not be able to be submitted:

  • GAIC-Form-01 - Application for Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) Certificate
  • GAIC-Form-02 - Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) Consolidated Form
  • GAIC-Form-03 - Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) Notification of a Building Permit Application
  • LTX-Form-12-E - Land Valuation Objection
  • Duties-Form-58-E - Section 83 - Landholder Acquisition Statement
  • UM-Form-01 - Statement of Compliance for Unclaimed Money in Victoria

The outage will affect only SmartForms and not any other forms on our website.

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