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This video provides an overview of the home screen for Duties Online, and how to find the information you need, including upcoming settlements. 


At the SRO, we are constantly developing Duties Online to reduce red tape and enhance the user experience for our customers.

On 23 March 2020, our latest Duties Online enhancements will go live. These changes are based on the valuable feedback we have received from our Duties Online users.

These enhancements will give the Duties Online home screen a new look and feel, with even greater usability to make it easier to find the information you need, including upcoming settlements.

The new Duties Online dashboard will include the following features:

  • A display of all transactions due to settle in the next 10 days, and their current status, providing greater visibility of all pending transactions.
  • This will allow you to filter the displayed transactions by status.
  • Provides a quick view of all current lodgement notifications which may require your attention. Select the underlined link to view the details within each notification.
  • The message board notifications screen has also been redesigned. The SRO will regularly provide updates or system-related notifications to all Duties Online users via the notifications message board. To view these announcements, select the relevant hyperlink.
  • The enhanced Duties Online home screen will enable you to search for Digital Duties Forms directly from the dashboard by the form ID or client reference.
  • Duties Online now also includes ‘Quick links’, allowing users to start new lodgements, retrieve and certify ELNO lodgements, as well as commit to pay lodgements and transactions, and create declarations of trust transactions and lodgements.
  • You can also access ‘Useful information’ links to view the most popular SRO stamp duty pages.

These enhancements to the home page will not affect the way you process transactions in Duties Online.

The menu options have not changed and will function as normal.

You can still access everything you could before in the same manner.

Thanks for watching.

Last modified: 4 March 2024
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