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Published on 26 October 2021

Applications are open through My Land Tax for further 2021 land tax relief for landlords who provide commercial tenants with rent relief between 28 July 2021 and 15 January 2022 and for commercial owner-occupiers.

Eligible customers can receive a 25% reduction on their 2021 land tax (exclusive of any absentee owner surcharge) in addition to any previous reduction they have separately applied for and received, and a deferral of the remaining 2021 land tax (and any 2020 land tax which was previously deferred) until 31 May 2022.

Details about eligibility and how to apply are available on our 2021 coronavirus land tax relief page.

Eligible customers can apply for this relief measure separately from other relief measures. Applications close 30 April 2022.

Last modified: 26 October 2021
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