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Published on 01 June 2021

The Digital Duties Form has been further enhanced to reduce duplication of data and deliver time savings in relation to capturing key land transfer duty concessions.

From 7 June 2021, users of our Digital Duties Form will no longer need to add the principal place of residence (PPR) concession separately if they are also claiming one of three duty concessions in relation to a primary residence (excluding off-the-plan transactions):

  1. pensioner concession,
  2. first home duty concession, or
  3. spouse/domestic partner exemption. 

What if a Digital Duties Form is in progress but hasn’t been signed by 7 June 2021?

To ensure a smooth transition and avoid the need for a form to be edited as an in-flight form, we are encouraging Duties Online users to:

  • complete all digital form signings before Friday 4 June 2021, or 
  • delay creating new forms until after Monday 7 June 2021.  

This means that:

  • forms signed before 7 June 2021 will not need to be unsigned and can be linked to an ELNO lodgement as normal, and for
  • forms ready to be signed or in progress before 7 June 2021, the transferee will be automatically prompted to review and answer any additional eligibility questions before signing.

Claiming the PPR concession for other transactions and on forms involving multiple properties 

A PPR concession will still need to be entered separately within the Digital Duties Form for eligible off-the-plan transactions and for transactions where only the PPR concession is being claimed.

Digital forms that include multiple properties and multiple transferees will require all transferees to select their PPR and provide their intended date of occupancy, ensuring that a principal place of residence is correctly claimed on their respective primary residence.

Last modified: 1 June 2021
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