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Sections: s24

Lodgement category: Aggregation


Allows for the aggregation of certain dutiable transactions.

Dutiable transactions relating to separate parts of dutiable property are aggregated and treated as a single dutiable transaction if they give effect to or arise from what is substantially one arrangement.

Revenue Ruling DA-026v2 outlines how we will apply the aggregation rules.


In addition to the relevant documents, please provide the following information:  

  1. Digital Duties Form.
  2. Full copies of all the contracts of sale of real property, including all special conditions.
  3. Full copies of the contracts for the sale of goods, if applicable.
  4. Any advertising material and price lists.
  5. Details of how each of the transactions was negotiated, including the names of the persons negotiating and whether the transactions were negotiated at the same time.
  6. Whether the dutiable properties are adjoining, adjacent or in close proximity to each other.
  7. Whether the properties have been sold subject to approved plans or a development application/approval.
  8. What is the present and intended use of the properties.
  9. Whether the contracts are conditional on the completion of another contract.
  10. If the dutiable property is vacant land purchased by a domestic builder, please provide a copy of the certificate of registration or builder's registration number and state whether: 
    • new residential premises were built or intended to be built on each lot of land for the purpose of resale
    • the builder received a discount when purchasing more than one lot of land.


Lodge 30 days before settlement through Duties Online
Last modified: 31 January 2024
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