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This calculator works out the duty payable on registering or transferring ownership of a motor vehicle.

Different rates of duty apply depending on:

  • The date you apply to register or transfer the vehicle’s registration.
  • Whether it is a passenger car or another type of motor vehicle.
  • The vehicle’s dutiable value.

The vehicle’s dutiable value is the purchase price, including any GST or luxury car tax and any works done before registration, or the vehicle’s market value (whichever is greater).

Rates can vary depending on whether the vehicle is new (being registered for the first time) or used (transfer of registration or reregistered to a new owner). This applies to transfers and registrations:

  • Before 1 July 2019 – all vehicles.
  • From 1 July 2019 – any vehicle that is not a passenger vehicle.

From 1 July 2019, a concession is available for green cars and primary producer passenger cars

Calculate your motor vehicle duty

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When you buy a used vehicle

After you have taken delivery of a used motor vehicle from a licensed motor car trader (LMCT), the LMCT must lodge with VicRoads the application for transfer of registration you signed, together with the motor vehicle duty and transfer fee amounts included in the vehicle's sale price.

The application form and fees must be lodged within 14 days of the vehicle's delivery date.

Once VicRoads has received the application, you should receive a vehicle registration transfer confirmation slip confirming you are the vehicle’s registered owner and detailing the duty and transfer fees paid by the LMCT.

If you have not received a confirmation slip within six weeks of buying your vehicle, contact your LMCT to ask why the vehicle registration has not been transferred into your name. If you are not satisfied with the LMCT's explanation, phone VicRoads on 13 11 71.

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Last modified: 12 May 2022
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